I am sure many are shocked at the topic of my write up. Why buy coke for Dangote? What does he need a bottle of coke for?  He is the richest African, so he needs nothing really! He could buy hundreds of crates if he wants to, so why would I waste my little resources to buy coke for a man like Dangote.

I can’t pour water from a drum into a sea!

Sorry you are wrong! Just like many are. The thoughts of an average man towards the wealthy is usually that of “how much can I get from him/her” We tend to look at the rich as the unending tap of help that cannot run dry which must pour at the slightest turn.

How terrible that thought can be.

Unknown to many of us, wealthy men and women are aware that the hordes of people surrounding them are simply interested in having a share of their largesse. How sad that makes them. Rich men hate the thought that you’re are there to have your share of their national cake.

No wonder some of them treat men around them no more than pawns.

However, you could change the trend. Learn to relate with wealthy men or people  you consider more privileged than yourself not because of what to get, but out of a pure heart towards them.

Surprise a Dangote by buying him a coke. Shock an Adenuga by inviting him for lunch. Sweep an Otedola off his feet by buying him a good perfume.

Now don’t do this with strings attached; like going back to him a few days later to ask for a favour. Then he knows how cheap you are. Just be kind and nice to them, not for ulterior motives.

Rich men are usually lonely! Everyone around them needs help…yet they also need help!

Check on a Bill Gates around you and ask for his welfare. Don’t assume all is well with the Christiana Onassis living next door to you. All she needs might just be someone to buy her a bottle of coke!

Do you always think that your boss is okay and fine. How wrong are you. You want pay rise, an holiday,  additional allowances, special favour and many more. However, you have never cared to know how he/she is faring.

Sorry, you need to know that the rich also cry.

I counsel you today, don’t relate with the rich only for what to get from them. Show some interest in their welfare too. Ask after their kids, business challenges and so on.

Pray for him/her too as they may be going through challenges you can never imagine. There are some problems that money can’t solve. in actual fact you need to know that problems money can solve are not really problems.

Are you always loading your Pastor or spiritual parents with your own prayers needs and personal requests as if he is Alpha and Omega. Stop it. He has needs too. Go wash his car! Visit your mother in the Lord  to do dishes, sanitation and so on and avoid being paid for such services. Learn to do voluntary services for the Dangote around you and do it without expectation of reward.

You will be shocked where such men will place you in their hearts.

Think twice before you load that seemingly rich guy with your myriads of challenges.  His problems might actually be bigger than yours.

Learn to buy coke for a Dangote ! Enjoy your day.


2 thoughts on “BUY COKE FOR DANGOTE!!!

  1. Great !, Highly Inspirational, motivating,…If deeply digested, could re: orientate human race especially our generation


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