an article written by Sunmbo Segun-Okeowo

Sometimes what causes problems in marriage are not the big issues but small, unrecognized and unconscious relationship issues that I call CUSTOMER RELATIONS/SERVICE.

You must have experienced some companies in which they treat you well when you want to patronize them. You are happy the way they treat you but once you make payment, the treatment and the customer relations sevice nose dives.

So you are tempted to want to try another company next time you want a product like their own.

Naturally no one wants to be taken for granted. Everyone likes to be treated like King.

Same is what happens in marriages. Just before you got married, the CUSTOMER RELATIONS is WOW!

However, consciously or unconsciously, it nosed dives and then you feel like trying another COMPANY(HUSBAND) but sooner or later you’ll discover that the trend is the same.

You will do well by committing each other to consciously treat each other well.

Talk or discuss about this: what are things you were doing well before but now you have thrown down the drain.

Pick them up and be committed to treating each other well.


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