an article written by Sunmbo Segun-Okeowo

My seamstress once designed a beautiful gown for me, oh I love the gown. Perfectly sewn, fitted and perfect. I mean it was Waow.

Everyone that saw the gown on me must just commend it. I felt like wearing it to each occasion I had.


One day I wore it to a particular occasion, I  intentionally did that because I knew my seamstress was going to be in attendance. I wanted her to feel great sewing me this dress since I knew people will definitely appreciate her work on me.

As I  sighted her amidst people I made my way through the crowd towards her. I was smiling but…

She wasn’t smiling, she rose from her seat to meet me. Why wasn’t she happy, what’s going on.

Then she came closer, and spoke to my ear. “You are not putting on this dress rightly“.

What! I couldn’t believe my ears.. But.. I attempted explaining before I could find something to say she said “you are wearing it the other way round” she pulled my hand and went to the ladies.

She insisted I should change the front to the back. I didn’t have a choice but to obey. She asked me to check it out. I went straight to the mirror.

JESUS! it was better than before.

God instituted marriage. He alone knows how to handle it best.  

Hand over your marriage to HIM.

Give HIM a chance !!!

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