Renowned Drama Televangelist Mike Bamiloye who recently clocked 60 has chided busy pastors for what he termed as their refusal to lockdown even during the Lockdown.

In a statement released today Sunday, April 26, 2020, Mike Bamiloye corrected Pastors who despite the lockdown have still found ways to continue their ever busy life style.

Hear him…

The Story of My Pastor Friend is not the story of all Pastors,
but the Story of Men like him.
So I Went to His House to talk into his head!

“Pastor Eddy,
Do you now see what I mean all this long time?
Why are you so restless in your own house now?
Why are you not so happy that you are locked in ?
Why are you so agitated that the government has locked you up in your own house?

Pastor Edward,
Please stay Locked Down!
Stay Locked in inside your house!
Stay Locked out of the Church Office!
At least for now!

Mummy is so happy now.
The Children are so happy now.
But Pastor Edward, you are not happy now.

The Lord has answered Mummy’s long time Prayers over Daddy.
He never stayed at home.
He never had time for the Children.
He never had quality time for his wife.
The little time at home is either inside the Study room, preparing the Sermon Note, or in the Visitor’s living room, attending to other elders or junior pastors who have come for Counselling.

This Lockdown has completely brought back home the hen to roost.
The Locked Down has messed up so many things for you, Pastor Edward.
Your children had missed their father’s loving plays and jokes and family entertainment time.

But Pastor Edward has seriously missed the Church.
He is angry that the devil has Locked up the Church.
But his Wife and Children are happy,
That the Lord God who Answers prayers has Locked Down the Pastor inside his house.

Pastor Eddy is Locked Down!
No waking up in the morning and rushing to the Church Office,
To meet up with the Elders Council Meeting.

No staying all day in the Church office attending to endless Counselling Sessions.
Praying for very Lazy unprayerful prayerless, lousy and chicken hearted congregational members.

Elders Meetings and Baptistimal Classes on Mondays,
Deaconate Consultations and Bible Studies on Tuesdays,
Workers Meetings and Zonal Eldership Meetings on Wednesdays,
Thursdays are always for Prison and Hospital Visitation Groups and Choir Rehearsals supervision.
Friday is Sunday Preparatory Class and Sunday School Bible Rehearsals.
Saturdays are Weddings and Invitations to Officiate Weddings.
And Sunday is the great Day of the Lord!

Pastor Edward!
You have loved your Church Programs and Services and abandoned your Wife and Children!

Your Children have never known what it is to have a caring Father.
It is Mummy all the time!
It is Mummy that would go for their Visiting Days in school.
It is Mummy that would go to their Inter house Sports.
It is Mummy that will take them to the Hospital!
It is Mummy that would share their pain and anxieties.
You were never around!

But on Sunday!
You and Mummy would wear
Fine Clothes and also wear Sweet Smiles as you Welcome the Congregation to Church.

Many times you stay up behind the Pulpits to praise your Wife
For doing great jobs in your home.
She is a Great Iconic Woman!
The Deborahs of our Time!
The Esthers of our Days!
The Sarahs of our Generation!
And every woman in your Church wanted to be like your Wife!
They wanted to wear her shoes.
They wanted to be in her Suits.
All her pains.
All her Cries.

Your Children,
The Two Boys and Two Girls
All know your secrets.
They know you don’t have the time of a True Father.
You cared for Your Congregation more than them.
You love the Children of the Church Members more than you love them.
At least that is their thinking!
I don’t know how you would correct this!
I don’t know how you would turn their heart back to you.

Pastor Edward,
How did your Second Son know that you paid the School Fees of a Child of a Church member,
Through out last year,
While he was embarrassed for a whole School Term for not paying his school fees?.
I don’t know how you would remove that bitterness from his heart.
And you never deemed it fit to call him and his siblings for a convincing explanation!
You are too busy!.

Now, your First Son had confided in me that HE WOULD NEVER BECOME A PASTOR, EVER!
He said it Three times in tears!

Then, last Week,
Your First Daughter came to me as your Close Family Friend, and spoke straight to my face:
She spoke aloud in stubborn anger that:
She called me back on phone I still repeated what she said.

You have built secret bitterness in their heart.
You have erected stubborn Pillars in their spirit.
You have recreated them to be adamant and arrogant against God!

Now you are doing greater evils!
You are Locked Down in your house!
Locked down with your Children and Wife!
Was that not an opportunity to amend your ways?
See what you are doing again!
Even in the Locked Down!
Pastor Eddy!
You still don’t have time for them!

You attended three ministrations on ZOOM!
You preached in the Morning on ZOOM!
You did some teachings in the Afternoon on INSTAGRAM!
And in the Evening you were on FACEBOOK LIVE encouraging people to stay focused at this Lock Down.
You have brought the Pulpit right into your living room again!
They heard you again,
Shouting at your laptop!
Even at Lock Down!
Your attitudes are not Locked Down!

I have never seen a Focusless Pastor like you in my Life.

In those days before the Lockdown,
You were extremely busy with the Church work.
You leave home in the morning and come back late in the night.
The Church Office was your second home,
Or was it not your First Home?
Severally, you used to eat, even your Breakfast in the church office.
And severally,
You used to even eat your dinner in the Church Office.

Pastor Edward!
Are you going to waste this Golden Opportunity to mend your home?
Won’t you warm yourself back into your Wife’s and your Children’s heart?
Do you realize you have no Ministry if you lose your home?

Enough of all these restlessness!
Pastor Edward!
Stay Locked In with your family!
And Stay Locked Down at home!


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