I BURNT MY FOOD TWICE WHILE READING KSO’S NOVEL – Reader of “If Witches Were Horses” Cries Out!!!

A reader and fan of the newly released online novel “If Witches Were Horses” written by Kolade Segun-Okeowo has cried out that he has on two occasions burnt his food in the kitchen. According to him, he had become totally carried away with reading the online novel that he forgot he was cooking.

Playwright, actor and director, Kolade Segun-Okeowo had recently released the 32-Episode E-book for free for online readers in April 2020 causing a massive flow of fans, friends and readers to thesegunokeowoblog.com from all over the world.

Speaking on the incident, the man; Mr. Abayomi Adegoke said “This book has caused me to burn my food on fire two times…Honestly, am still wondering how it happened. You won’t believe that even the pot became black”

According to Mr. Adegoke, he actually had premonition that the food was going to burn but was rather too carried away by the suspense-filled book. “Honestly, am not joking Oh! Thank God and I perceived the odour but I kept reading on until I shouted ‘Yeeeh’ Getting to the kitchen, the food and the pot had burnt”

Mr. Adegoke had written. “KSO thought it was a fiction without knowing that it was inspired. If I have my way, I would have added it to the Bible and Guinness book of world records”

Another of the readers, Mrs. Erinle a housewife who ‘suffered the same fate’said “This afternoon I served lunch around 4pm. I had to beg my mother in law… ‘Mama e ma binu o, iwe kan ni mo n ka online’”(Mama please forgive me, I was reading a book online)

Several hundreds of comments, encomium and appreciation had followed the release of the book “If Witches Were Horses” At first, many were shocked at the title, wondering if KSO had made a grammatical error of using Witches instead of Wishes.

However, on several social media platforms, KSO has responded by explaining that the use of the word “Witches” was intentional and deliberate as it was a literary ploy and gimmick termed ‘pun’.  

KSO and his wife, SSO

A fan, carried away by the beauty and prowess of the fictional work had recommended KSO for a Nobel Award. He said “I must admit KSO Sir, please you are making my BP to rise. Your slowing down the story is keeping my blood higher each day. What I still don’t understand is you said it is a FICTION. To be honest, what I have been reading is more real than fiction. A Nobel Prize Winner is already made!!! Congratulations Sir. KSO, your anointing will not run dry in Jesus name. Thank God for your life that He bestowed upon you great insights, understanding and wisdom. You are blessed Sir”

Sam Adedoyin, a Pastor and former Chairman of ANCEDRAM in Ogun State said “I thank KSO for such a graceful work of art. The demonstration of the Spirit on this masterpiece is awesome. This kind of work can only come from a deeper life in Christ Jesus” 

A certain Reverend Owolabi from Ogijo chose to write in Yoruba language. He said “Efanjelisiti, e kaaro sa. Eleyi ti e n se fún mi (emi o so t’elomi-in) yìí kò dára o. Ìtàn yìí ti dun ju pé kí e máa fi ra mi lẹnu díèdíẹ̀ o. E kan n jẹ kí ebi tubọ máa pa mi sí i ni o. (Evangelist, what you’re doing to me (I speak for myself alone) is not good at all. This story is too interesting than for you to be giving it to me in morsels. You only make me hungry the more)”  

Isaac Femi Akintunde

Producer, actor and co-director of the online-trending block buster film; THE TRAIN, Femi Akintunde of The Mount Zion Faith Ministries International gave kudos to the writer of the E-book and said “We appreciate the writer of this great movie. More anointing and grace to our one and only KSO, and his strong but gentle wife. Please, help us ask KSO, to please release the next episode on time so that we can at least be relieved from yesterday’s shock!”

Another Pastor and former Chairman of ANCEDRAM in Ogun State, John Soretire agreed that the book is a blockbuster. He wrote:  Whaoh! Thank you so much sir for this great sacrifice. This, your own version of the COVID-19 palliative has really been of immense blessing to us. God will really help us to reciprocate this kind gesture Sir. More grace Sir. This novel is seriously emotion-laden. It is strings of suspense all the way. The author will intentionally create a hope thread, you will expectantly clutch to, but it will end up not strong enough. When you are almost getting discouraged, a thicker cord of hope will appear. You quickly encourage yourself to try this one, only to suffer the same fate…on and on the process goes. Well, we are used to it now; so we are not giving up easily. At least, we have eight more episodes to go. In between, we are sure the mega hope fibre will appear and we will all sigh and laugh in joyous resolution. Am I sounding prophetic? Lol! Well done, Author KSO Sir, you are helping us to judiciously engage our lockdown and semi-lockdown periods Sir”

In reference to the e-book, a former Special Assistant to The General Overseer of RCCG on Media and National Director of RCCG Drama Unit, Pastor Segun Adegbiji simply said: “The Holy Spirit is ministering through the author to ministers, believers and unbelievers”

According to the author, KSO; the release of the e-book will officially come to an end on May 18, 2020 with episode 33. Thereafter, the book will go into print for further distribution and blessing to massive offline readers.

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