if witches were horses

A Novel Written By: Kolade Segun-Okeowo (KSO)

The Queen of the Coast stared at Manchuria with so much hatred that the poor agent shivered with great fear. Fumes emerged from the nostrils of the Queen as she let out a deafening scream that measured over a hundred and eighty decibels and stared menacingly at Manchuria. She signaled to the four demonic male agents standing at alert behind her, waiting for the next instruction. They could guess, but were not sure if the Queen would instruct them to manhandle Manchuria; her Chief of Staff! They could not imagine it, but woe betide them if the Queen orders and they hesitate a second!

Then she roared the instructions that sounded like a death sentence!!!

“Take her away!!! Molest her!!! Rape her to death!!!”

Within the twinkling of an eye, Manchuria was lifted off her feet. Her deafening creams and plea for mercy were not heard by anyone. The male agents carried her a few meters away. Her screams and pitiful cries increased to a crescendo and gradually descended to a few whimpers and deep, painful sighs. Suddenly, her voice stopped and there was silence everywhere.

All the agents in the palace shuddered with fear!!! If it could happen to Manchuria, then who is that sacred cow? Who will remind The Queen that there is no way to bring Hagatha down? The forces standing for Morakinyo at Onigba-Iwofa were still many. Although, Hagatha had penetrated and made a mess of the church under him, yet they could not understand why the man remained untouchable and his house an impregnable wall.

Although Morakinyo was completely unaware of the battle of forces around him, the struggle persisted anyway. Greatone, although had been weakened ever since the prayer life of Morakinyo was successfully attacked, he had been joined in the battle by Mercyone. Due to the presence of Mercyone, all efforts to bring the errors of Morakinyo to work against him had failed. On many occasions, Mercyone had fuelled the strength of Superone to fight and protect Morakinyo. The Lord of His Host had given command to Mercyone to join Graetone to ensure the safety of Morakinyo.

Lanre had no difficulty in locating the parsonage. Everyone in the town seemed to know the Pastor. Each step he took, there were more than enough volunteers offering to describe the route to the Pastor’s house from the motor park to him. He smiled as he walked towards the building he had seen ahead.

‘My uncle has become a force to be reckoned with in this community. This is good!’ He thought as he marched majestically towards the parsonage.

Hagatha knew Lanre had entered the town, so she had made good her escape from the parsonage, minutes before he arrived. She had told Akinlolu that she needed to see some members of the church in Awofolaju village. She was already fed up with the way things were turning in the Onigba-Iwofa.

Although she had succeeded in reducing the attendance of the church, she had not been able to inflict any injury on the person of Morakinyo. To make the matters worse; Greatone had suddenly regained strength through the activities of Mercyone. Morakinyo was gradually picking up his prayer life. Her failure in the campus mission, especially on Lanre’s case had caused a major disaffection between her and the Queen.

Failure is a taboo in the Kingdom of Darkness especially for an agent of her level, operating on level 999. No matter the excuse, failure was heavily frowned at and met with severe punishment and wicked dealings in the palace. If not for her inability to visit the palace in the last few meetings due to the renewed strength of Greatone and the presence of Akinlolu, she would have been subjected to rounds of torture and rape in the hands of the dangerously looking male demonic agents.

Each time she remembered all the punishment and tortures awaiting her in the palace anytime she returns there, her heart skips a bit and wonders what led her into all these. The confusion was getting out of hand for her. To worsen the case, ever since the consummation of her marriage with Morakinyo, they have not been able to have sex. Oyinkan could not explain what happened, but Morakinyo has been unable to perform on bed!

When she first this noticed on the night of their wedding, Morakinyo pleaded with her and called it a consequence of stress and accumulated tension. It’s now over a month after the wedding, yet the condition had not improved. They couldn’t have sex. She had tried every trick she knew, but Morakinyo’s condition remained the same.

Although, he had affection for her, but each time she moved close to her, his body appeared like one whom a bucket of cold water is poured upon. For her, this was a great frustration. She urgently needed the semen of Morakinyo to meet with hers to help consummate some urgent necessary high level spiritual operations. However, luck seemed working against her.

Although, Morakinyo was also devastated by the situation of things, there was nothing he could do. He only discovered that each time he moved close to Oyinkan, his entire system becomes frigid while his feelings for her suddenly become stale. Although, he was not a virgin, he had not lived a rough life even as an unbeliever. He concluded he was suffering from erectile dysfunction and would need to see a doctor as soon as possible, whenever he visits Ibadan.

Akinlolu and a few of his friends were in front of the parsonage enjoying another session of Bible story telling. He knows when to gather his friends for Bible Study. Whenever Oyinkan goes out for any reason, either to the market or the church, he knows how to rally round and get his ‘fans’ to come for Bible stories. His seven-day stay in Onigba-Iwofa had made him a local champion of some sort.

“Akin-los-tical” Lanre shouted from afar. That caught the attention of Akinlolu. The voice was too distinct to have belonged to someone else but his brother, Lanre. Apart from that, he was the only one who called him by that name. He quickly looked at the direction of Lanre and saw him. He took a sudden dash from the midst of the rest children and ran towards his brother. Lanre was ready for him. He dropped his bag and stood firm, ready to lift as Akinlolu ran towards him. Within the twinkling of an eye, the little boy was suspended in the air ready to be caught by the strong hands of his older brother.

The fun continued for a few more attempts until they were both locked in a warm embrace. They have not seen each other in the last one year. The disrupted school calendar on the campus due to the long closure of the school occasioned by the hike in price of petrol from 84 kobo to four naira by the new military regime of General Muhammadu Buhari. Each time Akinlolu came home for break from the boarding school, Lanre was on campus. This coincidence of the two being at home at the same time was happening for the first time in the year.

The banters and greetings continued until they got to the front of the parsonage where other children were waiting and watching with amusement as Akinlolu and Lanre display deep emotions. They all prostrated to greet Lanre. Thank God for the intuition that prompted him to buy dozens of biscuits and sweets with the intention of spoiling his brother. He never knew a ‘Bible Class’ was waiting to receive him.

They hardly settled in the living room when Akinlolu started the gist!!

“Boda Lanre, Uncle Morakinyo’s wife is a witch!”

Lanre quickly looked around and covered Akinlolu’s mouth. He knew his brother had a running mouth. He had always been like that since he was a toddler. The whole family agreed that Akinlolu was the most talkative of all and was nicknamed “Talking Angel” Lanre would never forget quickly an incident that almost put the entire family into trouble because of Akinlolu’s running mouth at their home in Ibadan, a few years ago.

A fairly old man was tiredly limping his way across their house while Akinlolu and a few friends in the neighbourhood played. He was barely four years old. The old man had a large goitre on his neck. Akinlolu had gone after the old man requesting that he gave him the piece of ball hidden in his neck. Despite the silence of the old man, Akinlolu kept prodding him urging him to bring out the ball in his neck. A neighbour who saw the scene had caught up with the boy and gave him some spanking after apologizing to the old man.

The situation here however appeared different, Akinlolu looked serious and he seemed to mean the words with all sense of sincerity and insistence.

“I know what I am saying Boda Lanre, she is a witch. She knows I am aware of her status, so she hates me” Akinlolu said with confidence.

This was getting more serious; Akinlolu was no longer a kid. He is nine, and getting ready for Form One in the High School, come the next term, so he could not be throwing this kind of expensive tantrums.

“Are you sure of what you are saying, Akinlolu. This is not Ibadan where you play pranks….By the way, where is Uncle Morakinyo”

“He went to the palace to see the King. He will soon be back… See Boda Lanre, she tried to kill me. She poisoned my food”

“Ah!!!” Lanre was getting alarmed now. This can longer be the tantrums of a nine year old.

“I don’t eat her food again except if Uncle is around. She hates me like anything”

Akinlolu gave more scary details that left Lanre almost gasping for breath. He stared at Akinlolu with disbelief. Suddenly, his eyes caught a picture hung on the wall. He moved closer to see the couple; Morakinyo and his wife.

“That’s Uncle and his wife” Akinlolu explained.

Lanre stared blankly at the picture; his eyes seem to be deceiving him.

The woman in the picture was none other than Betty! Betty Campbell. The same Betty; whom he had a strange encounter with on campus. This cannot be true! Something seem to be going wrong!!! Could this be mere coincidence or resemblance? He moved closer to the picture and saw a mark on her neck. It was a mark that stood Betty Campbell out. It appeared to be a birthmark. There it was on the picture of the woman said to be Morakinyo’s wife!

‘This cannot be a coincidence any longer…Betty Campbell has a dual personality !!!’

Morakinyo took a little longer time in the palace. His stay with Oba Folagbade had been unusually long today. From one question to another, Kabiyesi kept prodding, wanting to know more. His major concern today had been the case of David, who despite being a man after God’s heart still committed adultery and aided murder.

“You think God truly forgave him?” The King asked, looking worried and confused.

“Yes Your Highness, God truly forgave him” Morakinyo was emphatic.

“Just like that…He took another man’s wife, slept with her, impregnated her and then killed her husband. That was too much. I won’t take that. The justice system does not agree with that. He was supposed to have died for that offence! If an Oba tries that in this generation, he will be charged to court and sentenced to death” Folagbade was getting angry already.

Morakinyo smiled.

“I was a young Court Clerk in Akure in 1949 during the case of an Oba who kidnapped a young girl and murdered her for ritual purposes. Right in my presence, the 43rd Alaaye of Efon-Alaaye, Kabiyesi Oba Samuel Adeniran Asusumasa, Atewogboye II, his herbalist, one of his servants and one Gabriel Olaberinjo, were all sentenced to death by hanging for the ritual murder of a 15-month-old baby girl named Adediwura” Kabiyesi explained confidently.

Morakinyo sighed heavily.

“I was part of the whole proceedings from when the coroner inquest to the murder opened in early April 1949 at the Obokungbusi Hall in Ilesha under Magistrate W.O Egbuna. I remember, he was the one in control of that particular jurisdiction” Folagbade continued his historical treatise.

Morakinyo smiled again even as he marveled at the sharp memory of the sixty-nine year old King.

“No one is above the law; not even the king, the so-called ‘second-in-command to the gods’ Nobody” The King was becoming emotional now.

Morakinyo chuckled.

“Representing the Queen at this trial was Mr. Lloyd Crow. The case was then transferred to Akure High Court, where I was working at the time. The Justice N.S Pollard was the trial judge” The King continued proudly.

“Waaoh…This is a story I have never heard before” Morakinyo said, still wondering at the ability of the King to recall such details of an almost forty year old case.

“The lawyer to the Alaaye of Efon-Alaaye was the legendary Chief Obafemi Awolowo. He did his best to defend his client but the stern trial judge; Justice N.S Pollard dropped the bomb when he eventually found the King guilty” Folagbade said gleefully.

Morakinyo smiled again. He was praying silently that the Lord will give him the right answer to the intelligent questions of this aged but brilliant King. A retired Court Clerk!

“Kabiyesi, God knows all things. He is the original ‘Ka-bi-O=ko=si’. He does as he pleases. Yes, he hates sin, but he loves sinners. He hated what David did concerning the issue of Bathsheba, but as a father, he does not take his love away from him” Morakinyo stopped to see if the words were sinking well enough, but the expression of the King’s face did not show any emotion.

“However, Kabiyesi, God did not spare David….Oh! He did not. He dealt with him” Morakinyo continued. He kept asking The Holy Spirit to teach him what to say.

“Although he pardoned him, because he wept bitterly and repented of the evil he did, but God placed a series of judgment on him” Morakinyo explained further.

“Good. That’s better. That will serve as a deterrent to others” Folagbade came alive. He hated injustice.

His thirty seven years record of service in the Court was not stained with a single dot of corruption. Even during the 1979 General Elections, some unscrupulous politicians had approached him to help them tamper with some documents of the court in order to traverse justice. He told them point blank to simply pull the trigger and kill him instead.

Morakinyo continued his explanation. “First, David’s son, Amnon raped his half sister causing the brother of Amnon; Absalom to kill him in vengeance. As if that was not enough, his son Absalom planned a coup against him and raped all his wives and concubines publicly in broad daylight” Morakinyo was becoming more emboldened as he spoke further.

“Ahhhh! His own son?” Folagbade was truly alarmed now!

“Yes Kabiyesi…His son! Absalom went further by chasing his father away from the palace leaving the King to wander in the forest for months”

“Ahhh. That is serious. A real abomination!!!”

“Kabiyesi…now you can see that God did not spare David. He actually punished him heavily”

“That is true…He got more than what he deserved. God is just!!!”

Morakinyo breathed a sigh of relief. At last, he had successfully convinced the King again. The Bible Study sessions he had with the King have been most fruitful. Although Folagbade asks many smart questions, Morakinyo in God’s wisdom normally finds way around them.

That evening, he did not return to the parsonage until around seven O’ clock after a rather long session of Bible Study and enlightenment lectures with His Royal Highness. As usual, he did not accept the offer of food by the Olori. That has become the trend since he got married few weeks back.

“Mummy, your daughter at home will get angry if I eat here” He jokingly explained.

“I quite understand. I will get angry too if I were in her shoes” They both laughed as Morakinyo stepped out of the place and took quick steps back to the parsonage. Oyinkansola will be waiting!

He was wrong!!!

By the time he arrived at the parsonage, Lanre and Akinlolu were already waiting for him outside. They stood on the balcony looking askance. Morakinyo’s heart missed a beat as he saw Lanre and Akinlolu. He wondered what could have gone wrong. He was expecting Lanre. His sister, Mrs. Durotoye had already told him that Lanre will come to pick Akinlolu his brother. What could warrant the stay on the balcony in that sober mood is what he could not understand. He increased his pace towards the parsonage.

To be continued in Episode 29

5 thoughts on “IF WITCHES WERE HORSES… Episode 28

  1. This novel helps us spiritually with insight and wisdom. It makes us spiritually aware to put on the full armour of God as instructed in Ephesians 6:10-18.
    Now on another angle the novel is like Kole Omotoso’s faction, a blend of factual accounts and fiction; the style of merging historical documentation with fictional narratives. The account of the Alaaye of Efon-Alaaye and the ritual murder of a 15-month-old baby girl named Adediwura in 1949 and the proceedings are facts. The then General Buhari’s fuel hike from 84 kobo to four naira too is true.
    Thanks KSO for this novel. More anointing upon you. I cannot wait for Princess Hagatha to confess, (can she become born-again?) Morakinyo’s eyes to open and Gbayike…


  2. Another suspenseful ending: the unfolding scene at the unravelling of Hagatha’s personality to Morakinyo is better left not to imagination but the next episode. My greatest joy today is that my prayer has been long answered and I didn’t know; Morakinyo has since been struck with “holy potency”. Our God works in mysterious ways. His “foolishness” is not only wiser than men but is as well wiser than the devil. Those anecdotes may seem to be putting a check on the rate at which our emotions are purged but they are necessarily placed to help the story achieve a comprehensive resolution and poetic justice. For example, I won’t be surprised if it eventually dawned on the king that he has a case of ritual murder on him as well and that prompted him to seek how he could make restitution. Master-storyteller KSO, well done sir.


  3. Hummm, ‘failure is a taboo in the kingdom of darkness’ . how I wish we Christians/ministers can take the kingdom mandate as serious as the agents of darkness take their own mandate, we need to learn from them.

    See God, Oyinkansola ran away because of Lanre but she forgot that her picture is enough to expose her. Devil is not omniscience, only God is

    God preserved Morakinyo just as He did to Sarah, God is too much. I celebrate the most high

    Thanks for this great inspiration, I celebrate you sir


  4. Ohh! What a great relieve I have now, knowing God has prevented a sexual consumation of their marriage. Hm! Power of intercessory prayers. May God help christemdom. Huhh, I’m so happy. And I was becoming afraid reading towards the end. It was like d story shouldn’t stop now. I can’t wait for d continuation. God bless you sir.


  5. So that coward, Hagatha ran away!
    I was looking forward to a real and exciting life confrontation. But she melted away like butter in the presence of a hot sun ☀️. The devil and his cohorts are real cowards. That is why their best abode is hell fire 🔥 (Rev. 21:8).
    Can’t wait to see the unfolding dramatic scenarios!


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