MARRIAGE IS LEGAL (Check out your marital vows) 


Most marriages start with infatuation, physical attractions, need for companionship etc. Very soon, all these needs are met and marriage becomes dry. This is where friendship comes in as it is the only weapon capable of sustaining marriage when the chips are down.

You must recognize that friendship building takes a lot of work – and time.


1. Have great dreams together. Establish a time each day/week to spend quality time together – then guard that time with your lives!

2. Choose to spend time together rather than apart. This may mean sacrificing good things for a season such as work, ministry, vacation etc.

3. Explore the interests of your spouse be it movies, football, art, musical theater, gardening or hunting. Find out what he/she is passionate about and then join.

4. Disagreements and conflict should sharpen and purify friendship. Don’t pretend not to disagree or force yourselves to give a false impression of peace. Stop bottling up.

5. Be accountable and have mutual respect, especially in the areas of sexuality, finances, and relationships. It’s not your money but our money. Not my body but our body.

6. Establish daily habits, especially praying together. The art of praying together releases a bond and sets the tone for the day.

7. Affirm one another every day. Be intentional in communicating the other’s strengths and never be afraid to mention your weaknesses. Be transparent with one another. 


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