if witches were horses

A Novel Written By:  Kolade Segun-Okeowo (KSO)

When Morakinyo and Pastor Kalejaye listened to Mrs. Durotoye’s reason for not wanting to return home, they simply laughed. Pastor Kalejaye encouraged her to return home as there will be no problem. Morakinyo also encouraged and announced his intention to stay with the Durotoye’s until he decides to return to Onigba-Iwofa.

Encouraged by the Pastor’s prayer and Morakinyo’s willingness to stay with her family, Mrs. Durotoye agreed to return to the house.

Gbayike’s attempts to take a nap after returning to the house from church that afternoon failed woefully. She tossed from one side of the bed to the other. She had carefully avoided seeing meeting Morakinyo after the church service. The Pastor had hardly finished the final prayer when she bolted out of the church and took the back gate out of the church compound.

Several thoughts fought for space in her mind.

‘Morakinyo can never come back for me….except his wife in the village dies’

‘So, I will marry a widower…and I will become a second choice…an alternative wife?’

 ‘Why am I thinking that way…Why am I wishing death for another child of God ?’

‘Child of God….That woman I saw does not look like a child of God’

‘Even if she is not child of God…Is that enough reason for me to think evil of her’

‘Oh my God…why am I bothering myself…Brother Morakinyo is married and that is it!!! It is all over….It is all over…Gbayike it is all over’

“Gbayike, it is all over” She didn’t know when her voice rang out in the room attracting the attention of her flat mate. Wonuola had returned from Okitipupa where she had gone to stay with her parents for better treatment following the domestic accident she had about two months ago. She had returned to the house three days ago and planned to resume work the following day.

Wonuola walked into the room and was surprised to see Gbayike speaking to herself.

“Sister Gbayike, what is all over?” She broke into Gbayike’s thoughts.

Surprised, Gbayike turned around to see Wonuola. She stared blankly at Wonuola unsure of what to say. Then, she burst into tears…. Wonuola rushed to her and embraced her holding her close to her bosom. Gbayike wept the more holding tightly to Wonuola as she cried.

“Sister Wonuola…I am wrong. I missed it…I missed it…How do I tell God that am sorry”

“Sister Gbayike, you don’t have to crucify yourself. I was also involved. We all missed it together. I also was scared of the village mission trip Brother Morakinyo mentioned. However, blaming ourselves will not work. We only need to ask for God’s forgiveness. He is faithful and just to forgive us if we repent”

“Sister Wonuola …I have repented …I am willing to ask for forgiveness …But will that bring Brother Morakinyo back…How?”

“Sister Gbayike…You have done the right thing by asking God for his forgiveness. He sees your heart. He knew how to work things out for your life. Leave brother Morakinyo alone. Your repentance is not because you want God to bring Brother Morakinyo back to you. That is not for you to decide…Let God work things out”

“How, Sister Wonu…How”

Sincerely I don’t know. Brother Morakinyo is married….There is nothing you can do about that. God will settle you in His own way”

“Like giving me a second choice…another Brother…a permissive will?” Gbayike started crying again.

“Sister Gbayike, that is not for you to decide. Just allow Him to have His way in your life”

Gbayike fell into Wonuola’s chest again. Wonuola held on to her tightly and ran a hand through her hair while using the other hand to hold her.

Morakinyo could not sleep also. He continued to imagine what was about to happen. He was entangled between two women. Although, he had concluded before leaving Onigba-Iwofa that it was all over between him and Oyinkan, latest turn of events at the hospital has added a bit of confusion to his decision.

Now that Oyinkan has genuinely turned over his life to Christ, he has become completely unsure of what to do next. To be sure, Morakinyo has started having love feelings for Oyinkan again. When he kissed Oyinkan hands at the hospital, he felt a sudden rush of erotic sensation ran through his veins. He had to quickly drop the hand to avoid further sensations.

He went on his knees and began to pray. He pleaded forgiveness again for his wrong actions and asked for direction on what to do.  He continued to pray until he became convinced that he had prayed through.

He rose from his kneeling position and began to ruminate on the situation of things again. He thought of the illegality of the marriage to Oyinkan and began to calculate on how to legalise the marriage in a worst case scenario. Fortunately, he had collected Barrister Wole’s number in the bus on the way from Onigba-Iwofa.

He stood, walked to the wardrobe and checked through his bag.  He brought out a diary and flicked through the diary. He found Barrister Olaoye’s number where he had written it. He nodded satisfactorily and walked towards the telephone box in the living room.

Suddenly, he remembered that the telephone line had been cut by the rampaging hoodlums who attached the house over the night. Although report has been made to NITEL office, promise for repairs was due on Monday. He returned to the room, sat on the bed exasperated and decided to see Barrister Olaoye first thing in the morning.

Pastor Kalejaye woke around 1am and began to pray on the situation at hand. He confessed his confusion over the latest developments to God. After praying for a few minutes, he tapped his wife.

“Dear, you are awake? I hope all is well” Pastor Mrs. said as she woke.

“All is well…But, I must confess, I am confused. I have prayed, but I am yet to pray through”

“Over brother Morakinyo’s case” Mrs. Kalejaye enquired.

“Yes. From what I saw at the hospital today, it appears brother Morakinyo is still in love with that woman. Am afraid, he might want to continue with her…Now that the woman has repented , confessed and given her life to Jesus…what excuse can anyone give to prevent Brother Morakinyo if he insists he wants to formalize the marriage”

“God forbid…Brother Morakinyo cannot marry that woman…A woman his nephew; Lanre had slept with on campus. A woman, whose negative testimony has spread like wild fire through the whole of Onigba-Iwofa. How will Brother Morakinyo return to the mission field with such a woman as his wife?” Pastor Mrs. said with anger.

“I understand, I feel the same way, but how do we explain to the people in Onigba-Iwofa that their Pastor has dropped his former wife and has now married a new wife…on what grounds? What about the brethren here…How do we explain to them that we have encouraged Brother Morakinyo to enter a second marriage?”

Mrs. Kalejaye sighed heavily, sat up and grabbed one pillow to her bosom. “This is getting more complex…Has Brother Morakinyo said anything to you about the sister in the hospital”

“I am still wondering why he has not said anything since we left the hospital. I was shocked that brother Morakinyo could hold and kiss the woman’s hand just as we were about to leave the ward. Ever since then, he has not said a word to me”

“This is serious” Pastor Mrs. shifted herself on the bed and walked to the toilet to ease herself. She came back and knelt beside the bed… ”The best we can do is o pray…Lets pray”

Pastor also knelt and they prayed.

The palace of the Queen of the Coast had become a shadow of its former self ever since the encounter of Oyinkan with Mrs. Paseda and her team. The seven demons sent to UCH where Oyinkan was receiving treatment had willy-nilly returned to the palace to give the report. The moment Paseda led Oyinkan to Jesus; pandemonium broke out at the premises of the Teaching Hospital.

Warone and Battleone, two colleagues of Powerone had dashed in with a team of other angels to the Teaching Hospital to deal with the demons. Blazing like a flame of fire, Battleone and Warone suddenly zoomed upon the demons that were wobbling around the premises of the hospital, already discouraged by the turn of events.

Battleone, Warone and the other angels circled them in a jiffy and dealt blows of the swords on them wounding them severely in the process. Each of the demons raced with speed out of the Teaching Hospital in different directions leaving with varying degrees of wounds and excruciating pains.

By the time they arrived the palace, they gave wrong reports and information assuring the Queen that although they were wounded on the battle, they had succeeded in sealing the brain of Oyinkan and rendered her unable to reason properly, let alone be able to hear Paseda and her team at all.

Unconvinced by their reports, The Queen had consulted her special telescopic projector screen from where she got a clearer picture of the situation at hand. She screamed violently when she saw Oyinkan bow in prayers as Paseda led her to Christ. Her screams rang through the base of the sea like never before.

Ten different fishing trawlers and ships of various sizes capsized on parts of the Atlantic Ocean. The reverberating effects of her anger spilled over to some parts of the ocean causing massive effects to some tributary rivers flowing into the ocean like the River Niger.

“Hagatha has gone to the Son of The Owner!!!!! This is a great tragedy…Tragedy!!! Tragedy!!!! This is a mess!!!!!” She turned to the demons that went on the hospital assignment and stared at them menacingly.

“How dare you come back when you knew your mission failed….” Boiling smoke billowed from her nostrils and ears as she screamed violently

“Seize them… Cast them up in the gorge of fire and burn them continuously with sulphur …Increase the heat of the fire by another 1000 Celsius!!!”

Within the twinkling of an eye, bigger and more fearful looking demons appeared from her courts and grabbed the seven demons on hospital assignment….Fear gripped the demons as they were hoisted and thrown into what appeared like a bottomless gorge. Their cries of pains was deafening as they were cast into the gorge.

The new Chief of Staff to the Queen, following the extermination of Manchuria bowed before the Queen and paid obeisance.

“Your Majesty…Let’s snuff life out of her out before it is too late. Give me the orders to go and terminate her life before she does further damage to our kingdom”

The Queen stood transfixed at the point considering the suggestion of Churiako, her new Chief of Staff. She turned her head round in 360 degrees before returning to her throne where she spoke. Churiako remained in her obeisance position.

“Churiako! Killing Hagatha at this moment is not the best for our Kingdom… Her death at a time like this is gain for her…She will be given a grand reception and welcome by the Son of The Owner…No ….. No death for Hagatha now except she slips off from the hands of The Son of The Owner”

Morakinyo was first to reach the house of the Evangelism Director, Barrister Wole Olaoye very early in the morning. Being unable to reach him on the phone from his sister’s house, he had set out early enough. He knew Mondays could be a very busy day for lawyers. He was right, Barrister Olaoye was on his breakfast when he arrived.

“Haaa! Barrister Thank God I came on time…I thought as much, today is Monday…I am glad I still met you at home”

“Very well, the steps of the righteous are ordered by God. Thank God for you Sir” Barrister Olaoye said and laughed heartily. “I was about taking my breakfast and stepping out. I have a case at the High Court…What brings you this early morning”

“Thank you so much for all your contributions and efforts towards the success of our mission at Onigba-Iwofa”

“To God be the Glory”

“Let me go straight to the point…I don’t need anyone to tell me that my marriage at Onigba-Iwofa was not properly conducted…What steps do we need to take in order to formalise the union”

“Oh that’s good. I am glad you are willing to formalise and legalise the union as soon as possible. Congratulations”

“Thank you Brother Wole… Now, what am I supposed to do to start with? I am not used to such things…”

“Good…The consent of her family is paramount. I heard you saying you have not been in touch with her family. That’s the first thing you need to do along with the necessary traditional formalities. Once that is done, you can file an application at any marriage registry immediately. A 21-day notice is required to file such an application. You can then fix a date for the solemnisation both at the marriage registry and the church”

“Is that all?” Morakinyo asked with enthusiasm.

Barrister Wole Olaoye paused for a moment staring straight ahead of Morakinyo.

“What is it Bro Wole?” Morakinyo asked, wondering why Wole suddenly went silent and was staring blankly ahead of him.

“Brother Morakinyo, have you discussed this with the Senior Pastor?”

“Not yet… why do you ask”

“Brother Morakinyo…Don’t make the same mistake twice. Why the rush again. We came back from Onigba-Iwofa only yesterday and today you are already talking of formalising the wedding with the sister whose people you have not met… Brother Morakinyo..do you realize you have a danger in your hands? What if the family accuses you of eloping with their daughter, what will you say in defence?” Morakinyo adjusted himself on the seat.

Barrister Wole Olaoye stood and packed a few files on the table into his suitcase before returning to continue the dialogue with Morakinyo.

“Her being in the hospital is at your behest. She was in transit from your house at Onigba-Iwofa to Ibadan when the accident occurred. That places a major responsibility on you… I am sure the hospital probably registered her as Mrs. Oyinkan Olagunsoye… Nothing must go wrong with her”

Morakinyo stared at the Lawyer with sudden shock and awe. It dawned on her for the first time that he truly had a big problem in his hands with the fact that he has not made any attempt to meet Oyinkan’s relatives.

“Brother Wole…I never thought of that!!!”

“Brother Morakinyo, please get in touch with her people first. However I suggest you confer with the Senior Pastor before you take any step from now. That is the right thing to do…and you know”

Morakinyo sighed heavily and thanked Barrister Wole Olaoye for his counsel. He stood, exchanged pleasantries with Wole and left.

Morakinyo hearkened to the counsel of Barrister Wole Olaoye and went straight to the parsonage. He met pastor and his wife at the entrance. They were about stepping out of the house as he drove his BMW into the church compound. Pastor Kalejaye was already in the car, waiting for his wife.

“Good morning Daddy…Thank God I met you” Morakinyo prostrated and greeted the Senior Pastor. Just then, Pastor Mrs. also came out of the house.

“Ah…Brother Morakinyo…Thank you Jesus”

“Mummy, good morning Ma. Good to see you Ma. Thank you for yesterday”

“We thank God” Mrs. Kalejaye replied.

“We were about coming to meet you at your Sister’s house…”

“Ah Daddy, you would have called her to give the message to me”

“I have tried calling her telephone line severally, but it was dead all the while” Pastor Kalejaye explained as he alighted from the vehicle.

“Ah that’s true; the criminals who attacked her house destroyed the phone lines. NITEL people promised to come and repair this morning”

“No wonder…Ok. Let’s go in” Pastor led the way as they returned back into the house.

To be continued in Episode 37

10 thoughts on “IF WITCHES WERE HORSES… Episode 36

  1. Ha!!! KSO, the tension is getting too much oh. It is taking another angle. Oyinkan is/was a witch, a first class witch for that matter. Good she has repented, God is a merciful God. Morakinyo should wash his hands off, let her go and grow in the LORD. She can go and be a Reverend sister😅 . Let him leave that mission field and go back to his academics for a while and marry Gbayike.
    What of the cultists? What is happening to Benson Osarode in Benin City? Ha, God’s ways are not the ways of man. Waiting for episode 37…


  2. This book has aweken my spiritual life. So so educative. Pls the tension is very high o! Waiting for episode 37. Well done sir.


  3. KSO,I agree completely with Kevod EL, Oyinkan is a new Convert, she needs time to grow.Marriage is not the next issue on her front burner.Lanre has seen her nakedness and slept with her.If Morakinyo marries her,he will not be happy,the imagination of what Lanre did will hunt him and he may develop bad blood towards Lanre.A young Convert like Oyinkan may also tempt Lanre to sleep with her now without pain.Why is Morakinyo rushing again without asking for counsel from Pastor and his wife?from his Sister? From Lanre? Let Morakinyo marry Gbayike and go back to the Academia,he needs to grow too before going back to the field.Is Oyinkan’s repentance stronger than Gbayike’s.Gbayike deserves mercy.Gbayike deserves to be happy.Is her offence worse than what Oyinkan/Hagatha did? Ask 100 readers of this powerful Novel that look so real,99 will support Morakinyo and Gbayike getting married.The readers and eventual viewers of the movie deserve to be happy too.-Pastor Segun Adegbiji


  4. Hmm, sir, you have succeeded in confusing me o. Oyinkan now born again, and Morakinyo, still in love with her? Hm. Well, I’ll patiently wait.


  5. Ah! It packs one’s mouth full of fart and sprinkles salt on it. You neither want to take in the fart nor spew out the salt. We are at a major crossroads that throws strangers into confusion. Between the devil and the deep blue sea. Like Wonuola said to Gbayike, let’s keep our jaws propped on our palms, and allow God and KSO play out the full script.


    1. Oyinkan is born-again, Morakinyo is in love with her, Gbayike has repented and waiting for a miracle!
      What shall we do now?
      KSO…please unravel this mystery.


  6. God always work in a mysterious way. And who am I to question Him on how He does His things. I’m learning hard in this story. Seriously eager to get to the end of the whole thing.
    Thank you sir, more Grace.


  7. This is really captivating. The queen wants oyinkan to fall back into sin then kill her. Hmmm. Watching as the drama unfolds.


  8. I’m sure the God who brought Morakinyo out of grip of Oyinkan will take him into His perfect marital will of his life.

    Thank you sir


  9. KSO, God bless you richly for this powerful story….. It looks so real and very interesting, inspiring and instructive. I don’t see God allowing Morakinyo marrying Oyinkan. God has spoken and He can’t change His words… Gbayike is still available.


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