if witches were horses

A Novel Written By:  Kolade Segun-Okeowo (KSO)

Graceone stretched a hand to her. She took the hand as Graceone helped her to stand from the bed. Favourone received her other hand and walked along with her as they moved away from the bed towards the corridor of the ward with Mercyone leading. Oyinkan was happy as she walked on with the Heavenly Team, her legs floating as they moved on. Suddenly, they disappeared from the ward.

The nurses on duty continued their work, completely unaware of the events going on around them. One of the nurses walked towards Oyinkan’s bed. She noticed her cover cloth had slipped from her body. She helped her to adjust the cloth and patted the sleeping Oyinkan!

Mrs. Aarinola Paseda was first to get the information. She had submitted her telephone number as the contact next of kin to Oyinkan on the first day of meeting her at the hospital. The caller, who identified herself as Doctor Kiladejo only said her presence was needed at UCH urgently. She was shocked to receive the call and sensed something had gone wrong. Ever since she started ministering to Oyinkan on Saturday afternoon, she had not received any call from the hospital.

She was already preparing to go to work.  She woke earlier than usual in order to meet up with a meeting called by the HOD for eight o clock. She abandoned everything she was doing and asked her housemaid to continue from where she stopped. Fortunately, for her, her only son had travelled to Kafanchan to spend the holidays with his Uncle.

She rushed out of the house, running towards the car only to discover she did not take the car keys. She rushed back to the house and returned to the car. She sped with the car from her house in Imalefalaafia area of Molete to UCH within ten minutes. The road was clear of any form of traffic since it was just around six.

She got to the car park in UCH and raced to the female general ward forgetting to lock the car. She was already panting, afraid and scared and hoping that nothing had gone wrong. She dashed into the ward and was met by two nurses who calmed her down and requested for her identity.

“I am Mrs. Paseda, one Doctor Kiladejo called me that my attention is needed” She explained, panting as she did.

“Oh I see, in respect of the accident victim moved in here on Sunday morning. Please come with us to see the Doctor”

”Please tell me what is going on…Please…What happened to her. What happened to Oyinkan…Please talk to me” Mrs. Paseda kept asking the nurses as they led her to the Doctor.

The Doctor started explaining as soon as the two nurses led Paseda to her. “Mrs. Paseda, God sees your heart that you gave in your best…What about her relations?” the Doctor asked.

“I understand her uncle was here yesterday but I only have the contacts of her husband and Pastor” Paseda tried to explain, her voice was shaking.

You will do well to assist to get in touch with them immediately” The Doctor tried to calm her down, placing a hand across her shoulder.  

“Doctor, please talk to me…What happened to her. Just tell me…I can handle it…I promise you I will compose myself…Is she gone?” Mrs. Paseda spoke with confidence, wiping some streams of tears already forming on her eyes.

The Doctor smiled and patted her shoulder again. “Madam, you made both physical efforts and spiritual interventions…You did your best…We only discovered yesterday that she had brain injury during the accident. This had caused internal bleeding which led to brain hemorrhage. Her high spirits and calm composure prevented any of the expected symptoms from exhibiting until it was too late…We lost her over the night…She is dead!!!”

Although, Mrs. Paseda was already beginning to guess what the doctor was about to say, the words hit her like a sledge hammer. She slumped into the hands of the nurses who quickly received and led her to a nearby chair at the side room where the doctor broke the news to her.

Mr. Bamidele Oyero had been ready for his trip back to Lagos. He insisted he had to go back as early as possible to attend to certain assignments he left abruptly in the station the previous day due to the urgency of the call. He promised to return latest by 12noon to arrange to transfer her to LUTH to enable him monitor her properly without having to come to Ibadan every now and then.

“That’s a good idea, shuttling between Lagos and Ibadan posses another round of risks to life” Pastor Kalejaye said to his old classmate. “But, since UCH is not far from here, I suggest we drop over and see her before you return to Lagos. Besides, I had an urge to pray for her over the night” Mr. Bamidele Oyero kept nodding as Pastor Kalejaye explained to him.

“Moreover, UCH is along your route. From Ikolaba here to UCH is not far. Just a drive from here through the Government House in Agodi will lead us to Oritamefa and UCH. It’s a straight journey. You can then drive back to Agodi and link up with Iwo Road through Gate and burst back on the express way to Lagos”

Satisfied with Pastor Kalejaye’s explanation, Mr. Oyero said “your wish is my command!”

Pastor Kalejaye and his friend set out in their different cars towards UCH. Pastor Kalejaye’s car led.

Mrs. Paseda was dragging herself to the car park when Pastor Kalejaye and Mr. Oyero drove in. Mrs. Paseda had come round after a few first aid supports on her by the nurses. Prompted by them, she remembered that Morakinyo had given him his telephone number on Sunday when they met at Oyikan’s bedside. She promised to get the number from her diary in the car and return.

As soon as she got inside her car, she wobbled on the seat and started crying. Pastor Kalejaye had seen her from afar and was still wondering what she had come to do that early morning when he noticed the way she wobbled into the passengers’ side. Pastor Kalejaye increased his pace and quickly reached Mrs. Paseda’s car. She was weeping.

“Are you okay Mrs. Paseda? …You’re crying. I hope all is well?” Pastor Kalejaye bent to speak to her calmly.

Mrs. Paseda lifted her tear-soaked eyes and held Pastor’s right hand tightly, shaking as she spoke.

“Daddy, we have lost her!!!” She whispered.

“Oh my God….” Pastor Kalejaye muttered. He quickly composed himself as he noticed Mr. Oyero was moving closer. “Mrs. Paseda, please pull yourself together, her Uncle is with me” Pastor Kalejaye quickly turned back to meet Oyero.

“What’s wrong with her, Pastor?”

“Oh…It is well, she lost someone close to her” Pastor Kalejaye quickly explained to him and walked away with him.

“Oh, poor her…May God console and comfort her” Oyero said, completely unaware of the drama the Pastor just acted.

“Amen…I suggest we see the doctor handling Oyinkan’s case first, so that we can get first-hand information from him. Who knows, we might be able to persuade him to release her for us soonest” Pastor Kalejaiye explained. He was already calculating very fast, thinking of a way to get Oyero properly settled down before the news of his niece is broken to him.

“Oh that’s a good one” Oyero agreed as Pastor Kalejaye led him towards the offices. He knew the doctor handling Oyinkan’s case and was familiar with many of the doctors in UCH and their offices. Two doctors in UCH are members of his church. As he led Oyero towards the office, Dr. Kiladejo was coming from another ward towards his office when he saw Pastor Kalejaye and Oyero coming.

“Oh Daddy good morning Sir. Thank God you are here. I have told the nurse to bring you to my office as soon as you arrive…Please come to my office…” They exchanged pleasantries with the doctor and entered his office.

The doctor wasted no time in breaking the news to them.

“Sir, is he her husband or Dad?” Dr Kiladejo said referring to Mr. Oyero.

“Not husband, but her uncle…like a dad to her” Pastor explained.

Dr. Kajewole sighed and bellowed some air from his mouth before he announced Oyinkan’s death to them.

Morakinyo was most devastated when he heard the news. Mrs. Paseda had managed to get to the nearest phone booth and placed a call across to him. Fortunately NITEL technicians had put the telephone in Mrs. Durotoye’s house back in order back to work.

Lanre drove him to the hospital. Although, Mrs. Paseda did not break the news to him, her voice betrayed her. Morakinyo knew something had gone wrong. He wept like a baby when he got to the hospital and met pastor Kalejaye consoling Mr. Oyero at the car park. He knew what happened.

His request to see the corpse of Oyinkan was turned down by Pastor Kalejaye. He embraced Morakinyo as he sobbed and spoke to his ears.

“Forward ever, backward never…” He collapsed in the hands of Pastor Kalejaye and wept like a baby.

Lanre stood near the car and sobbed too. He had planned to visit Oyinkan at the hospital with Morakinyo later in the day. Morakinyo had told him all the new developments about Oyinkan and the apologies she sent to her. It pained him that he would not see her again to let her know she had been forgiven completely.

Mr. Oyero could not return to Lagos again. He stayed back and made all the necessary arrangements for the burial of Oyinkan. He called key family members and informed them of the passing away of their daughter. He concluded with them that there was no need bringing her corpse all the way to Ayenuro near Lokoja in Kwara State.

With the support of Pastor Kalejaye, Morakinyo, Barrister Olaoye, Pastor Joju, Mrs. Paseda and Lanre, arrangements for the burial of Oyinkan was concluded and she was buried at Mokola Cemetery. Pastor Kalejaye rejected all the pleas of Morakinyo to be at the cemetery.

“In what capacity?” Pastor Kalejaye asked him “As husband, boyfriend co-tenant or as what? You were never married to her…So forget it!!! At the appropriate time, the church will call you to question on your acts of carelessness. It is well with you. Your nephew will represent you there. Other leaders of the church including myself will do the needful over there at the cemetery”

At exactly 4.35pm, the casket containing the remains of Oyinkansola Medayewa Oyero (1960-1985) was lowered into a grave at Mokola cemetery, Ibadan.

The following day, Mr. Oyero was ready to return to Lagos but Pastor Kalejaye appealed to him to take the day off and rest. He also promised that Dasofunjo, the church driver will assist to take him to Lagos. Mr. Oyero agreed and spent some time on the phone to explain the new developments to his wife.  He also spoke to the Supervisor and other workers in his petrol station. The reaction of his wife on the phone confirmed one of his secret fears that made the offer of staying one more day in Ibadan attractive to him. The revelations by Oyinkan before her death were creating some fears in his heart.

Pastor Kalejaye spent the whole day with him in his chalet at The Gust House explaining the scriptures to him and praying with him. He confessed to Pastor Kalejaye how he married his wife through the counsel of a Prophetess who uses the power of water and coconut to perform miracles in Lagos.

Later in the day, Pastor Kalejaye invited his wife and Pastor Joju to join him in praying for Mr. Oyero. The prayer session was planned to be for a few minutes but it lasted into the late hours of the night. A deliverance ministration had to be conducted on him. In the midst of the deliverance session, Oyero vomited three cowry shells. As Pastor Kalejaye further laid hands on him, he fell into a deep sleep and did not wake until the following morning.

When it was time for him to return to Lagos, he begged Pastor Kalejaye to come with him to his home in Lagos and pray for him. Pastor Kalejaye encouraged him not to exercise fear but return home peaceful. He explained to him that the powers in his wife will bow for him as soon as he returns home instead of the other way round. Armed with the assurance of the word of God and the encouragements from Pastor Kalejaye, Mr. Oyero agreed to return to Lagos. Dasofunjo drove him in his car back to Lagos.

When Gbayike learnt of the death of Oyinkan, she was shocked. Although, she didn’t like the woman, death was never in her wishes for her. As soon as she heard the news from a member of the church she met at the bank, she dashed back to the house and informed Wonuola.

“That’s serious Sister Gbayike, what happened to her. I thought they came together from the mission base on Sunday” Wonuola asked looking worried.

“I was surprised I did not see her enter the church with Brother Morakinyo on Sunday. But I later learnt that she had an accident on her way from the village to Ibadan” Gbayike explained.

“Sister Gbayike, so what are you going to do now…The Lord has fought for you….Eh!!! This is God!!!”

“What is that supposed to mean Sister Wonuola? God fought for me… by killing another woman’s daughter…? That is not a good way to think. It’s not acceptable…Besides, who told you I want to marry a left over!!!” Gbayike said and walked away into her room leaving Wonuola, mouth agape.

The following day, The board of the Church met to determine what form of discipline and sanctions to impose on Morakinyo and to review the Onigba-Iwofa mission. The board started by thanking God for his life and the decision he took to relocate to Onigba-Iwofa despite the tempting offers of his job and other juicy benefits. Every member of the board, as requested by the Senior Pastor gave him a standing ovation for his faithfulness in the service of The Master.

The Board also appreciated him for his steadfastness in upholding the work especially the cordial relationship he established with the King of Onigba-Iwofa who had become a disciple of some sort to him. His ability to manage the meagre funds sent to him from the mother church was equally applauded. Pastor Kalejaye spoke in glowing terms of the massive building structure he met at Onigba-Iwofa when he visited over the weekend. He commended him and requested a round of applause for him.

The board however berated Morakinyo for his untoward attitude and wrong steps which he took while in Onigba-Iwofa. His action was termed: “ungodly relationship” and “cohabitation with the opposite sex” and fornication.  When asked to defend his actions, Morakinyo simply burst into tears and said he did not know what came over him. He was thereafter asked to step out of the meeting venue for the board to discuss and take decisions.

After a few deliberations, the leadership of the church concluded that Morakinyo should proceed on an immediate suspension from any leadership and ministerial assignment for three months to punish his actions. During the three months, he was to compulsorily attend all activities of the church.

“During the period of the suspension, the church will continue to pay your allowances but you are required to report to my office on daily basis” Pastor Kalejaye reeled out the decisions of The Board to him.

Following the expiration of your three-month suspension you will immediately proceed to The Bible College in Ikeji-Arakeji for a special three month course in Missions” 

Pastor Joju and his wife were requested to proceed immediately to Onigba-Iwofa and take over the mission there for a period of six months. Morakinyo, supported by Barrister Olaoye was to go with him and introduce him to the remaining and old members of the Church at Onigba-Iwofa the following day in order not to leave the sheep there astray and unattended to.

After, all the decisions of the board had been conveyed to him, Morakinyo went flat on his chest and prostrated. He tearfully asked for forgiveness and begged for the prayers of the church leadership. Immediately the Pastors and elders that made up the Board of the Church joined hands and prayed profusely for him.

Pastor Kalejaye laid hands on him and showered God’s blessings on him. As he prayed from him, tears stream down the eyes of Pastor Kalejaye. Other members of the board also wept as Pastor prayed for him. After the Prayers, Pastor Kalejaye lifted him from the floor and embraced him tightly.


# You will be surprised to see what Pastor Joju did there!!!


# Be prepared for a shocker!!!


# Get ready for astounding revelations!!!


# Only God can tell!!!


# A real battle of wits awaits you!!!




Coming Soon!!!



1. Pastor Segun Adegbiji

2. Pastor Dele Olowu

3. Rachael Oluwakemi Ilesanmi

4. Chaplain Pastor Samuel Akosile

5. Mrs. Ayodele Akinwale

6. Sis. Rebbeca Agboola Olorunpoomi

7. Rev. (Mrs) Anne Toyin Ojo

8. Pastor (Mrs) Funmilola Aina

9. Sis. Udebuani Onyinye Anulika

10. Evang. Mrs Grace Bola Runsewe

11. Evang. Mike Yinka Alade

12. Sis. Christie Orji Ayentobara

13. Sis. Olutoyin Josephine Omotuyi

14. Mr. Abraham Effiong Ita

15. Bro. Augustine Olusola Olabode

16. Bro. David Kehinde Balogun

17. Sis. Olusola Praise Abraham

18. Sis. Mary Adeola Adewole

19. Bro. Oluseyi Adediran

20. Sis. Adeola Janet Adetimikan

21. Dr. Mrs Anonymous

22. Sis. Abosede Ibidunni Adedoyin

23. Sis. Victoria Funmilayo Akinbohun

24. Sis Catherine A. Adegoke
























28 thoughts on “IF WITCHES WERE HORSES… Episode 40

  1. Wow! To God be the glory. I love the ending and I’m so blessed reading through. May we never fall victim of the enemies activities. And until we reach our goal, may we not end our journey halfway in Jesus name.
    More grace, more anointing, more help from above for you in Jesus name.
    God bless you sir.


  2. Sir, This is great! When are we expecting this movie out? We can’t just wait to have it. More anointing sir.
    On Mon, May 25, 2020, 6:06 AM The Segun Okeowo Blog wrote:
    > ogabattle posted: ” A Novel Written By: Kolade Segun-Okeowo (KSO) Graceone > stretched a hand to her. She took the hand as Graceone helped her to stand > from the bed. Favourone received her other hand and walked along with her > as they moved away from the bed towards the co” >


  3. More grace and inspiration sir, please let me know when the movie is out oooo,I need to watch and also encourage others to watch.


  4. Ah. it is over. I don’t know why I am sad.
    1. That Oyinkan died?
    2. That Gbayike may miss it and Wonuola may key into the blessing?
    3. That Gbayike is proud, and by the way what is leftover if it is God’s will, I don’t under Sister Gbayike at all.
    4. That I have no inspirational Christian story to look forward to from 6am every morning?
    5. That my small IWWH chat group has no more story to ruminate on?
    All of a sudden, people I sent the link to are calling to discuss the story with me and asking ” When will the film be out?” I should direct them to KSO.
    KSO Kudos! More anointing in Jesus’ name.


  5. Ah. it is over. I don’t know why I am sad.
    1. That Oyinkan died?
    2. That Gbayike may miss it and Wonuola may key into the blessing?
    3. That Gbayike is proud, and by the way what is leftover if it is God’s will, I don’t understand Sister Gbayike at all.
    4. That I have no inspirational Christian story to look forward to from 6am every morning?
    5. That my small IWWH chat group has no more story to ruminate on?
    All of a sudden, people I sent the link to are calling to discuss the story with me and asking ” When will the film be out?” I should direct them to KSO.
    KSO Kudos! More anointing in Jesus’ name.


    1. Very intriguing story,why did Oyinkan have to die?l wept at that point.She was already full of life& bubbling for the kingdom business.She would have made a very good disciple&radical soul winner.
      As for Madam Gbayike,her shakara is getting out of place.l don’t even want her for Bro Morakinyo again.
      More grace sir,


  6. To God be all the glory. It’s as if the story is just beginning. So far, this story has been a blessing to me and others I share it with. Pleaseeeee……when is the movie coming out? Can we book for copies now? What is the cost per copy? More grace sir.


  7. Wow…. This is awesome I must say. Even as we get to this conclusion, there are still more surprises which will be revealed in the movie (I’m so happy for that).

    God bless you sir for this. It has helped me fired up during this COVID-19 pandemic.
    God bless you and more ink to your pen.
    I celebrate you KSO

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Fantastic! The more I read,the more it gets interesting. I’m looking forward to seeing the movie. It is really soul-lifting.


  9. Kudos KSO! So blessed by this novel. More grace and anointing to do more. I can’t wait to see the movie. God bless you richly sir IJNA.


  10. Wowww,.. Glory and honour be to God for this great revelation and insight….
    Earnestly, waiting for the movie
    More grace, wisdom and power sir


  11. Millions of lessons learnt. Most importantly Gods needed to be sort after in every situation. God bless everybody involved in the actualizing this great write up of knowledge


  12. Wow! This is a deep inspiration, I’m short of words. I’m blessed, inspired and touched. I celebrate grace sir


  13. Great message indeed. Lots of lessons learnt on Spiritual awakeness and Grace to finish strong. God bless you Sir.


  14. I can’t wait for the movie oo . It will be over intriguing. My phone is spoilt but I still find ways and means to read cos it’s so interesting.
    Sir,please I’ve not been on WhatsApp for some time. My name is Benedicta Boafo instead of Treasure girly.

    Liked by 1 person

  15. If Witches Were Horses is a masterpiece that can only come from KSO aka The Master himself.

    I will gladly recommend the book to all irrespective of the person’s religion, ethnicity or race because of the broad knowledge, wisdom and subject the book offers.

    Another reason is because the lessons entails in the book are not limited to religion alone but cuts across every facets of life. This include moral, educational, mental and emotional and that makes the work more enriching and priceless.

    If Witches Were Horses is timeless not just in the simplicity of language but in the plot and locations which is key to our past or histories. Generations now and in the future will find it inspiring, irresistible, beneficial and very relevant for research insight.

    More inspiration Pastor KSO

    Abraham Effiong Ita
    Counselor/Social Worker and Administrator



    Professor Adarabioyo was just like any other Christian who though he never gave up on his ambition, but because of his “selfish desire” or I say “spiritual myopic understanding”, he nearly discouraged Morakinyo from heeding the call into Missions.
    Many of us still need to grow out of this kind of attitude and allow God’s purpose to be fulfilled. After all, the approval for the new course/department was God’s doing. God did it in His own time so definitely, He Himself will bring a suitable and infact a better hand to replace Morakinyo in that department.
    We should learn to trust God always cos Bible says “He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it”.

    Oyinkasola was to me a “victim of circumstances”. It was never her desire to be an agent of darkness, probably if she had not gone to stay with her uncle, things would have been different.
    Also, if she had had a Christian/spiritual background like Akinlolu, Lanre’s brother, her case would have been different.

    As christians, do we teach our children the word of God, teach them to pray and not just head knowledge? This was evident in Akinlolu’s life such that if Oyinkan had that grace, she would have walked differently.

    Thank God she received mercy and was able to touch some lives though for a short period.

    The race is indeed not to the Swift, nor battle to the strong but time and chance happens to them all.

    Hmmmmm. It set me thinking that how many of us despite our growth age in the Lord can sincerely boast of such zeal and achievement in soul winning? We need to check ourselves and make necessary corrections where we have erred.

    Lanre sought powers where there was none. Power without a peace of mind. Despite his position as the SUG president, he never had peace of mind. Thank God for his roommate who was also involved, other students like him may not enjoy such period of grace and they end up being killed.

    As christians/ parents, we also need to be extra vigilant and sensitive in the spirit. Consider the life and role of his mother, very key.

    Pastor Kalejaye was truly a spiritual leader, though he had his mistakes and at a point he had to go to the Lord in prayer for forgiveness as regards Morakinyo’s case.

    A man of God should also be able to admit his faults /mistakes.

    I commend Morakinyo in the following areas:
    He denied himself the riches of this world in respect of his successes attained in the academia just for the sake of the Gospel (Lesson for us all – we should not be enticed by the pride of life )

    Morakinyo had zeal, though I must say he was not properly tutored in that the Mission College he would be attending ought to have been done before he finally embarked on the Onigba-Iwofa missions.

    Despite his flaws, he still humbled and submitted himself to godly corrections (some of us would have refused this kind of corrections and would probably have left the church to start a new ministry).

    Above all, the role(s) of our ” *Ministering Angels”* can not be underestimated. This story is truly an “eye opener” in virtually every aspects of our lives.

    This story is indeed a master piece. It has helped me to think deeper and also realized areas where more spiritual attention is needed.

    I celebrate the grace of God upon the author in person of Evangelist Kolade Segun-Okeowo (aka KSO).
    May God’s unction upon you never run dry.


  17. I’m short of words. I cannot remember how many times I clicked on this blog to check for new posts. This is simply a revelation sir. God bless you Daddy KSO. I’ve learned so many lessons; the importance of discernment, the value of humility, the historical lessons as well, just to mention a few. I’m really anticipating the movie. More anointing sir.


  18. I am really blessed, more anointing in Jesus Christ name. Please, give me the chance to be part of the movie, any time you are going for location sir. Thanks, God bless you sir.


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