What People are saying About If Witches Were Horses

if witches were horses

Comments and commendations are still trailing the release of the e-novel IF WITCHES WERE HORSES” written by Kolade Segun-Okeowo. Many of the comments appreciate the release of the novel for free and asked the author to expedite work on the sequel movie.

Enjoy few of the comments by the readers of the book:
I (we) was really blessed by the daily story clips, the suspense at the end of each episode, the book title, & yet the closing suspense hidden in the coming movie; What an awesome divine investment! You will not be denied your reward in Jesus name. I equally appreciate all who were involved with the proof reading aspects of the book, plus who tried encouraging in every other way. Thanks again for being available for God’s usage this way. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR CALL !
Pastor Chaplain Samuel Akosile
Chaplain, Redeemers University, Ede.

Why do God often give the devil a long rope to pull seemingly at the expense of his children?” The caveat, however, is that He often comes at the nick of time to rescue these His dear children. Could it be He is giving us the Eagle-eaglet training. The novel IF WITCHES WERE HORSES is seriously emotion-laden: it is strings upon strings of suspense all the way. The author intentionally creates a thread of hope, you expectantly clutch to it, but it ends up a feeble straw. And when you are almost getting discouraged, a thicker cord of hope appears. You quickly encourage yourself to try this one, only to suffer the same fate …on and on the process goes as you keep reassuring yourself of a mega fibre of hope somewhere in the future. Indeed, almost every major episode has a suspenseful ending. For instance, a number of times the readers were left holding their breath in great anticipation of what happens to the main protagonist, Morakinyo, next.

The story is a world of dilemmas. At one time, the matter will hang both eggheads and empty heads in a contemplative droop. At another time it packs one’s mouth full of fart and sprinkles salt on it. You neither want to take in the fart nor spew out the salt. It throws you into major crossroads of dumbfoundedness; you just have to keep your jaws propped on your palms and allow it drift you along to its unpredictable haven. Folagbade’s, Morakinyo’s, Gbayike’s and Lanre’s dilemmas were some of the great dilemmas of the novel.

In another way, the author needs to be praised for his ingenuity at coming up with descriptive nomenclatures. A case in point is the nomenclature for the holy angels which involved using each of their general attributes to label each of them, and adding “one” as a bound suffix to complete the proper nouns. For example, Greatone = great+one, and Powerone = power+one. This is very creative as it helps the author steer clear of all the arguments and confusions concerning angels’ nomenclature.

The author creatively employed the pragmatic use of anecdotes, which though may initially seem to be putting a check on the rate at which emotions are purged; they help the story achieve a comprehensive resolution and poetic justice. Pertinent contemporary historical details and character’s flashback to past lives were brought in through this means.

IF WITCHES WERE HORSES is a free-flowing novel from one who has a very good command of the language. Indeed, one of the greats of this piece of literary work is its ability, like a master weaver, to effortlessly weave seemingly ‘estranged’ and ‘forlorn’ subplots into the main plot with waoh- and no-wonder effects. The master storyteller, KSO, really took great pains to tighten loose ends so much as to deliver a seamless one piece, like Jesus’ garment which the soldiers fought over at the foot of the Cross. It was as well laced with beautifully-crafted Yoruba adage transliterations at the early episodes, as it is abundant in fast-paced actions and superfluous twists and turns at the latter episodes. The descriptions and collocations are equally spot on.

And above all, IF WITCHES WERE HORSES is not just an ordinary novel, but God at work illustrating many powerful biblical truths to His children. Some of the lessons include handling missionary call, doing the will of God in marriage, power of intercession, God’s providential care over His creature, spiritual training of children, promptness in evangelism and God’s sovereignty to deliver His own from the powers of darkness. It is a great novel with well-resolved and unhurried denouement, the author’s promise of further resolution of some side conflicts in a sequel notwithstanding.
Pastor Abiodun John Soretire
Author, Drama Minister, Linguist and Medical Laboratory Scientist.

No writer writes in a vacuum for there is an inspiration behind every work of art, science or any field. This is why I believe If Witches Were Horses is beyond fiction. It’s a Holy Spirit inspired piece. The lessons in the novel cut across every sphere of life – spiritual, physical, human management, parenting, mentorship, history and current affairs to mention a few. Each character in the novel passes a lesson that sometimes spurs one to pray. Topics addressed in the novel range from sexual immorality and its consequences, impatience, intercession for missionaries, process to follow before marriage, effects of secret sins, obedience to authorities and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit among many others. The exposition of some real events in the country in the early 80s almost makes the novel a biography. Kudos to the author, Evangelist Kolade Segun-Okeowo (KSO) for such a brilliant work. More power to his elbow and ink to his pen. I recommend this novel to everyone especially those who want to fulfill their purpose without any casualty.
Becky Olorunpomi
Founder, Belamour Consulting| Relationship & Marriage Enthusiast Author|Speaker and Convener of Singles Summit.

Great is your faithfulness Oh! Lord. More grace to you. It has been a daily dose of grace and spiritual bullet short against the kingdom of darkness. Glory be to God for the expose of the tactics of the devil and giving us God’s available solutions to all. I commend you for the literary tactical suspense that kept some readers burning their food twice and kept us checking our phones as soon as the day breaks for the daily update. In all we return all glory to God for the wisdom of God. May He continue to strengthen you.
Evang. (Mrs) Grace Bola Runsewe
Drama Minister

It is true of a biblical saying and belief that God knows the end from the beginning; no one could ever know that Oyinkan can eventually get pardon and even have such a glorious entrance with standing ovation from the angels even with all the atrocities committed. The race is not actually to the swift. With all our efforts to determine what would happen to her, not knowing what God really had in stock for her. No wonder the bible says we should not be judges over others. This really shocked me and I have learnt another strong lesson from this. Thank God for Pastor Kalejaiye for taking a strong decision concerning Morakinyo though he also realized his mistake of leaving him to himself. The bible says that the Lord ordered the steps of a righteous man; even if he falls, the right hand of God uphold him. Thank God for the life of KSO, like I said when I twice burnt my food in the cause of reading the book that if I have my way I would have added it to the bible and Guinness book of world records. It is spiritually inclined and it is one book that cannot just be kept in the archive but continuously be read like the bible for spiritual elevation because books kept in archives are mostly forgotten. KSO, God will increase you the more and make you great, greater and greatest. May your work never be burnt in Jesus name. Thank you so much.
Olusegun Abaymi Adegoke
The man who burnt his food twice while reading the novel.

I will gladly recommend the book to all, irrespective of religion, ethnicity or race because of the broad knowledge, wisdom and subject the book offers. Another reason is because the lessons entail in the book are not limited to religion alone but cut across every facets of life. This includes moral, educational, mental and emotional. That makes the work more enriching and priceless. If Witches Were Horses is timeless not just in the simplicity of language but in the plot and locations which is key to our past or histories. Generations now and in the future will find it inspiring, irresistible, beneficial and very relevant for research insight. More inspiration Pastor KSO !!!
Abraham Effiong Ita
Counselor/Social Worker and Administrator

If Witches were Horses is not only educative and historically based but so inspiring and spiritually awakening. It is a book every child of God must read. However, I recommend this material for all students of Theology. Bible Colleges can incorporate this material into their curriculum for “Use of English”. This will serve as an eye opener to young ministers embarking on mission work after school. Thanks to Evangelist Kolade Segun-Okeowo for this piece. Fresh fire for you Sir!
Evang. Mike Yinka-Alade
President, Cagomi Kingdom Network, Ikorodu, Lagos.

One thought on “What People are saying About If Witches Were Horses

  1. I simply summarise this novel “IF WITCHES WERE HORSES” as an ‘EYE OPENER’ to every facets of human life/activities. Consider life at home in the raising of Godly children, life of the young adults in the higher institution of learning, Marriage, the work place, your personal Spiritual calling and Gifting (s), the church of God at large and so on. There is not an aspect that the story did not touch. Above all, the spiritual resources that Christians have at their disposal also came to limelight.
    Indeed, everyone, whether adults or children need to read this novel.
    May God’s unction upon the author, KSO never run dry in Jesus name.


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