The consistent and unashamedly bashing of the religious houses for the failure of The Nigerian State is a misplaced priority.

I have recently read many articles on line which blamed the failure of the Nigerian State on the activities of Religious houses.

The religious houses which sprang up are only the rescue agents of the failed state.

Why blame churches and mosques that have risen to save the people from the mental and psychological breakdown resultant from the extravagant ruling class who squandered our fortunes.

But for the religious houses, the psychiatric hospitals would have been over flooded.

Several of those you see in Churches and mosques are recovering from the shocks imposed on them by the economic tragedies of mis government and maladministration.

The religious houses are doing good jobs of offering hope (even if temporary) in the midst of hopelessness.

Do you know how many would have committed suicides but for the messages of hope they hear in Churches and mosques.

Stop blaming religious houses.

Blame those who stole billions.

Blame those who paid for non existent contracts.

Blame those who did Forex racketeering.

Blame those who collected bribes and kickbacks.

Blame those who encouraged nepotism and tribalism.

Blame those who fanned the embers of religious wars.

Blame those who kept millions of dollars in soakaways

Blame those individuals who carry cash around with bullion vans.

Blame those who dipped hands into government coffers.

Blame them !!!!



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