Comments of commendation and critique have continued to follow the release of the novel “IF WITCHES WERE HORSES” written by Kolade Segun-Okeowo.

Latest to comment on the novel is The Assistant General Overseer of The Redeemed Christian Church of God, in Charge of Europe, Pastor (Prof) Dele Olowu.

In his comments released this afternoon, Professor Dele Olowu chose to highlight the lessons embedded in the 40 episode e-novel.

professor Dele Olowu

He wrote further:

1. State of Higher education in our country.

“It’s disheartening that our universities and higher colleges have become training grounds for thugs, hooligans and hoodlums. How the enemy is so smart at turning what God’s people meant for good to serve his own wicked purposes?

This is very disheartening and is a wakeup call for us Christian leaders to re-focus these institutions in our ministry. The novel brought this out vividly.

Papa Elton and Daddy Adeboye have these insights but the younger generation needs to follow suit.

2. Missions Support and Preservation.

Morakinyo was sent into ministry with minimal preparation…once he was convinced he heard from God. There was no systematic financial, spiritual and educational preparation or supervision.

There’s a lot for us all engaged in the missionary enterprise on what needs to be changed in our current approaches. Thanks for bringing these out vividly”

The erudite Professor and Pastor ended his comments by praying for more grace and anointing in the Lord’s great name for the author.

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