DAY 16 INSIGHTS FROM “IF WITCHES WERE HORSES” A Novel Written By: Kolade Segun-Okeowo (KSO)



5 Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. 6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. 7 Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the LORD and depart from evil. 8 It shall be health to thy navel, and marrow to thy bones.

Proverb 3:5-8

As simple as the word trust looks it is not simple in practice. To trust someone means you have strong belief in the person; in his abilities, strength and most importantly his word. The bible says ‘ he that cometh to him must believe that he is a rewarder of them that deligently seek him. Wwe are His children because we believe He is God. That is the minimum level of trust. We trust that He will jot tell lie. Whatever he says must be true. On this note we confessed our sins because He said so. We confessed Him as Lord and savior because the bible says with the heart man believe unto righteousness and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. We received Him and we became a child of God.

But have you ever wondered why we disobey him when he leads us to take a step or do something. Giving our lives to him means giving our totality to him, consulting Him before taking that step.

One day we were discussing on the issue of DEPENDING ON GOD. And it dawn on me that most children of God do not totally trust Him. We feel we are wiser, sometimes we are like God is too slow. It is the one you trust that he cannot disappoint you that you can depend on. God is so much interested in us that we can trust him to choose the cloth we are going to where for the day. The food to eat and when to eat. Who to marry. Not according to our will but according to his will.

The error Gbayike made was to think that trusting God means there will be no problem, expecting that everything will be smooth. That is a lie of the Devil. Was it smooth for Jesus? Didn’t he trust God, his father. At the Garden of Eden Jesus almost turned back. But he quickly realized the implications and released himself to the will of Him he trust saying ”not my will but yours be done” and after that He was highly exalted, was given a name that is above every names.
Things can not always be like you planned. But on the long run. God will bring you to the expected end.

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