BIBLE VERSE: And lo marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. 2 Cor. 11:14 (KJV)

Many Christians build their lives on prophecies to the neglect of the word of God. The Bible confirms that many false prophets have gone in to the world, deceiving so many. Man is both physical and spiritual, thus the yearning for a spiritual force to foresee and foretell what the future holds. However, God desires that every man have personal relationship with him. He wants to lead and direct our paths. But many times, we are not in tune with Him. This is what leads many to the search for Prophets who can “hear” God on their behalf.

Morakinyo started well but later deviated. He could not hear God and decode what is actually from God and what is not from him. When a man looses the focus on God, he needs another man like him to see and hear God for him. This is exactly what happened to Morakinyo. Oyinkansola became his seer. There is nothing wrong when the wife hears God for her husband. In fact, God expects women to be watchmen for their households. But when prophecies begin to move you far away from God, then you must watch it.

Brother Paul said it in plain language “But I am not surprised! Even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light” The devil is in the business of disguising, so the need for everyone to have direct access to God. Stop searching for Prophets and prophecies! You can access your Father in Heaven!

This is not to say Prophets have no place in your Christian living, neither am I saying there are no true prophets. However, replacing God with Prophets is the danger. Review your life; don’t replace God with Prophets and prophecies. Prophets are men like you.

NOTE: You can read Episodes 1-40 of the novel “IF WITCHES WERE HORSES” from


  1. I totally agree with you on this sir. I have a personal experience concerning this. I once met a man who pained to be a pastor and wanted to marry. He said God told him and asked me (even before I said it) to go pray too and I said, okay.

    I prayed sincerely without telling any living being (as my custom is) and about a week, I heard God told me clearly, “Don’t do it.”

    Ha… I somehow waved it but God’s love came back to me about a week later and I saw a revelation of how I would be killed in the marriage. It was then I knew God actually spoke.

    Meanwhile, while I was praying, we were gisting, and talking as friends. One of the days, this pastor told me he wanted to wear “his pastoral cloak to talk to me” and I politely asked him to.

    Then he said, “God told him that I’ve missed my husband o and that this chance God is giving me, I shouldn’t miss it.”

    Hmm. If I didn’t have a personal relationship with God to hear myself, I would have been so confused but I held my peace while he talked.

    This is a man that I haven’t even told so much about my past relationships because he didn’t allow me, brighter had I told about my relationship with God. He had not even asked me what God told me… But he came with this “God told him”

    I waited patiently in IL he finished speaking and asked me what the Lord told me and with all boldness and humility, I told him first that I have not missed my husband and will never miss him because I have what God told me regarding that. Then I told him what God told me, that “he is not the one for me.”

    He was shocked and immediately said that am I sure it was God who spoke to me or devil. I replied him that it was God.

    He asked me to go back and pray and I told him to go back and pray because I was sure.

    He said okay. The next day, he sent me a message that while praying, the “Lord told him” that the reason I was refusing his proposal was because I already have Aman in my life whom I had taken to my parents and we’ve done official families engagement. But the “Lord told him” that, that man wasn’t meant for me, that he is the one.

    The shock on my face while reading his text was palpable because I didn’t have any man around me on that issue. I wasn’t even in a relationship not to talk of having some traditional engagement.

    So I replied him that he just insulted my Christianity, that how could he think I would have been in a relationship to the extend of family engagement and would still be giving him the chance to “toast” me or propose to me. What kind of woman and Christian does he called me?

    I then told him that I was not even in any relationship, that the only man I’m discussing marriage with was him and with this his “revelation from the lord”, it’s cleared to me that he’s not my chosen one.

    That’s how he left me of course, not without some days dramas

    Truly, many have been deceived by all these “God told me”. And like you said sir, this doesn’t mean there are no genuine prophets or pastors who truly hear God. I have also encountered some of these. But there’s always a confirmation in my spirit too since I’m also a child of God and have direct access to my Father.

    God bless you for bringing this insight out, sir


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