1. WHAT IS THE NAME OF THE ESTATE: Zionstones Film Village Phase Two, a.k.a The Good Neighbour Courts, Simawa, Ogun State, Nigeria.

2. WHERE IS THE ESTATE LOCATED: The Zionstones Film Village Phase Two, a.k.a The Good Neighbour Courts is located in Simawa, Sagamu LGA via the RCCG NEW AUDITORIUM and behind The RCCG Redemption Camp.

3. WHERE IS SIMAWA & HOW FAR IS IT FROM LAGOS: Simawa is a quiet, small town located 15 minutes off the Lagos Ibadan Expressway via The Lotto/Mowe exit. It is only 50 minutes drive from The Murtala Mohammed International Airport.

4. IS IT A PRIVATE INITIATIVE: Yes, The Zionstones Film Village Phase One and Phase Two, a.k.a The Good Neighbor Courts is a private initiative conceived in 2009 by Evang. Kolade Segun-Okeowo (KSO) a well known gospel filmmaker/televangelist and his wife.

Evang. Kolade Segun-Okeowo (KSO) and his wife, Evang. Sunmbo Segun-Okeowo

5. WHAT IS THE PROSPECT OF PROPERTIES AROUND THE SIMAWA AXIS: When the Zionstones Film Village Phase One started in June 2009, a 50ft by 100ft plot of land was sold for N90,000. By January 2020, the same plot sold for N3,000,000. This is a clear indication that landed property appreciates very fast around this axis.

6. WHAT IS THE SITUATION AT THE PHASE ONE NOW: Zionstones Film Village Phase One is almost fully occupied with only a few plots left for sale. This prompted the commencement of The Phase two a.k.a The Good Neighbour Courts. As at January 2020, it is more than sixty percent completed and occupied.

7. WHAT ABOUT THE GOOD NEIGHBOUR COURTS: In December 2019, work fully started on The Phase 2, a.k.a The Good Neighbour Courts. The construction of perimeter fence, road network and water supply is ongoing. A few landowners have also commenced work.

8. IF I WANT A PLOT ON PHASE ONE, CAN I STILL GET: Although, there are few plots left on Phase One, we also have for sale some already occupied plots which the owners are willing to dispose.

9. WHAT TITLE DOCUMENTS ARE AVAILABLE ON THE LAND: Deed of Assignment, Deed of Agreement, Traditional Family Ratification, Registered Survey and an ongoing Application for Global C of O.

10. WHAT ARE THE PRICES FOR SITE ONE & TWO: As at July 2020, Phase One goes for N3,000,000 (Three million naira Only) while Phase Two is selling for N850,000 (Eight Hundred and fifty Thousand naira Only) These two prices are subject to upward review.

11. CAN I MAKE INSTALLMENT PAYMENTS: Yes, you can, for Phase Two: The Good Neighbour Courts. You can spread the payments over a period of 12 months. However, instead of N850,000 (Eight Hundred and fifty Thousand naira Only) you will pay N950,000 (Nine Hundred and fifty Thousand naira Only) Nevertheless, you can pay N850,000 (Eight Hundred and fifty Thousand naira Only) as installment, if paid over a period of 3 months only!

12. ARE THERE HIDDEN CHARGES: There are no hidden charges but relevant fees and levies. These include:
i. Legal Documentation/Royalties/Survey Sketch/Cornerpiece
N250,000 (Two Hundred and fifty Thousand naira Only)

ii. Development/Infrastructural Levy (For Fence, Drainage and Roads)
N750,000 (Seven Hundred and fifty Thousand naira Only)

iii. Final Survey Plan (Subject to prevailing Cost)

iv. Electricity : (To be paid when ready to connect electricity and subject to prevailing cost)

13. WHAT DOCUMENTS WILL YOU GIVE ME AND IN WHAT ORDER: We shall issue to the purchaser the below stated documents at the mutually agreed specific milestones of this transaction:

a. Contract of Sale: Due upon payment of the Purchaser’s initial deposit not less than 10% (TEN percent) of the cost of the land.

b. Provisional Letter of Allocation: Due upon payment of the sum which amounts to 75% of the total consideration chosen by the Purchaser, provided the Purchaser is ready for such allocation.

c. Deed of Agreement: This is issued immediately the purchaser completes the full payment of the agreed price on the plot.

d. Physical Letter of allocation: This becomes due upon the full payment of the purchase price and purchaser’s expression of readiness to move to site to commence their building construction (Expression of readiness in the context connotes: payment of survey plan, legal documentation and infrastructural fees)

e. Film Village Deed of Restriction: This contains body of rules and regulations guiding the conduct of allotees/residents within the Film Village to be issued alongside the physical letter of allocation.

f. Sketch/Provisional Survey Plan: This shall be due upon the Purchaser’s indication of his/her readiness to build.

g. Payment Agreement: This is issued in tandem with the Zionstones’ policy on “PAY AS YOU BUILD”, the mode of payment shall be 50% of the development fee and full payment of other charges such as survey sketch, legal documentation. The balance of the infrastructure fee shall be spelt out by the Payment Agreement where applicable.

h. Architectural Plan: The Purchaser shall furnish the Zionstones’ Architectural Department with his/her brief and shall make the necessary payment thereto prior to physical allocation of land. The architectural plan shall be issued by Zionstones’ Architectural Department from twenty one working days after receipt of the Purchaser’s brief thereto.

i. Construction Specification/Indemnity Agreement : This is a tripartite agreement between Zionstones, Purchaser and the Building contractors defining the duties and responsibilities of the parties with respect to building construction. This shall be executed by all parties before physical allocation is given

j. Registered Survey Plan: This shall be due for issuance to the Purchaser once he /she is in physical possession and has commenced construction work on site.

k. Deed of Assignment: This shall be due for issuance to the purchaser upon the full and final payments of both the purchase price and all other additional fees stipulated.

l. Clearance Certificate: This is the final approval issued by Zionstones to the Purchaser having fulfilled all conditions precedent to physical allocation. This document is issued prior to the commencement of construction work on site.

14. ARE THERE BUILDING SPECIFICATION I MUST ADHERE TO: Yes, there are sample designs that Zionstones media shall make available to you. Clients are free to choose from these designs or choose their own designs.

15. HOW DO I START TRANSACTING BUSINESS WITH YOU: Obtain and fill our subscription form and submit same to us online via zionstonesmedia@gmail.com or whatsapp number 08034539934. Thereafter, proceed and pay the land acquisition fee to our bank account. All payments on matters relating to Land Purchase should go to ONLY OUR ACCESS BANK ACCOUNT.


ACCOUNT NO: 0053888095.

16. WHO WILL BUILD MY HOUSE FOR ME: We have a team of Engineers and Builders who are professionally sound and capable of satisfactory jobs. Clients are however free to choose their own professional workmen, provided they show evidence of qualification and are ready to abide with relevant rules and regulations.

Thank you for your interest in us.

Erimipo Segun-Okeowo
Operations Manager, Zionstones Film Village


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