Cast and Crew of popular family TV Series HOUSE ON THE ROCK have returned to locations.

Shooting of new episodes of the TV Series commenced on Tuesday April 13th at The Zionstones Film Village via Redemption Camp in Simawa Ogun State.

The TV series which currently boasts of about 114 episodes of 30 mins duration each is the longest running Christian TV Series in Nigeria.

According to the Director of the series, Kolade Segun-Okeowo, the season 8 which is currently being shot is a complete continuation of the stories in previous Seasons.

Apart from Mr & Mrs  Odewole (Kolade Segun-Okeowo and Nike Aderemi-Fashikun, other regulars, including Dehumo and Jumobi (Sam and Queen Adigun) will feature in the new episodes.

Most the scenes of the new episodes of House on the Rock will be shot at the Zionstones Film Village in Simawa except that of Dehumo and Jumobi which will be shot in London.

According to the new twist in the family TV Series, Dehumo and Jumobi have relocated to The United Kingdom following his admission to pursue a PhD.

The new episodes of House on the Rock promise to be interesting, exciting and full of twists.

Regular and new fans of House on the Rock are advised to subscribe and stay tuned to KSOTV on YouTube for uploads of the brand new episodes soon.

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