The furore is over. The anger has subsided. You have proved critics wrong. You swallowed the bitter pill and said sorry.


However, one thing is clear, the incident has proved to the whole world that you’re a woman of great influence. You command massive respect and followership all over the world.

Yes, it was a mistake and you have acknowledged that. No human has ever lived above mistake.

The response of the world showed how much we all love you.

Some have made worse mistakes and nobody took note of them.

Some ministers have made much more terrible comments and no one took note of them.

They made highly controversial statements, yet there was graveyard silence.

Yours was not like that !!!

Congratulations Sister Tope. Your influence will soar higher now. You are not just a Music Minister, but a Mother of Music Ministers.

You have crossed the Rubicon into world of Elders and Veterans.

Henceforth, don’t just talk !!! You can’t afford it !!! Your words carry weight !!! Your words have influence !!!

Congratulations Sister Tope !!!

I celebrate you now and always.

Kolade Segun-Okeowo

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